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Our Custom-Made Bathtub Process

We’re Here for you

Having the bathtub of your dream shouldn’t be a hassle. When you decide that you want a bathtub remodel, our expert remodelers at Bath Fitter are here for you both in Fargo and across the nation. Custom made bathtubs are our specialty, with our acrylic bathtub liners custom-made so that they’re a perfect fit over your existing tub. When it comes to quality bathtub remodels and refinishing, we’re your first, best choice.

Our innovative remodeling process

Exquisite remodels every time

When you’ve been in the business for over 3 decades, you learn how to streamline the process so you can get the job done quickly and with outstanding results. That’s exactly what we’ve done at Bath Fitter. We’ve perfected our methods over the years to deliver an exquisite remodel each and every time. Take a quick look at the process we’ll follow when you come to us to get your custom-made bathtub.

We Measure

We don’t get averages or estimates; we make sure to get precise measurements, using proprietary tools specially designed for the job. With them, we’ll get the accurate measurements needed and ensure our fabrication is flawless.

We Make

With plants in both the United States and Canada, we’ll have your parts custom- made by the professionals. Then, the parts will be shipped to the nearest retail location and we’ll transport all the parts to your home to begin the installation process.

We Install

All of our products are installed by knowledgeable, experienced Bath Fitter experts. That way the job is done right the first time — and it will last for years to come! We make sure your get top-notch product and service in a timely manner.

What are the possibilities and benefits?

Huge Selections

When you choose Bath Fitter as your bathtub remodeling company, you tap into endless possibilities for designing your own unique bathtub. There’s no need to settle for something subpar or to find yourself creatively limited. With a huge selection of colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, you’ll work with one of our Bath Fitter experts to find the style that’s uniquely you. We have wall patterns, tub fronts, and more: all with multiple options so you can choose the one that’s best suits your tastes. And with our acrylic bathtub liners, your remodel can be completed in as little as a day because we install them right over your old ones, requiring no demolition.

Accessorize your bathtub

Complement Your Style

And why stop there? We also offer bathroom accessories to complement your style, ranging from faucets, rods, grab bars, soap dishes, and more. Whether you want something modern, classic, elegant, chic, or in between, we’ll make sure you love the final results.

Call us today

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Serving the State of Minnesota, Fargo and Surrounding Areas